Fishing Gear


  • 5 to 7 weight rods are the best for Trout and a 7 or 8 weight is best for our Salmon. Bring 2 if you have them, if not, we got back ups.
  • Good weight forward floating line. If you have an extra spool with a sink tip great, if not we recommend a spey style sink tip that can be easily added to the tip of your floating line for streamer fishing. Having another rod rigged up for streamer fishing is helpful. 
  • An assortment of beads and hooks (size 8-2), big streamers like sculpin and leaches, and dry flies (don't forget mouse flies) are what we use. A vest or some type of hip or sling pack are good so you have some extra tackle on hand when you're away from your guide or the boat. These fish are truly wild and usually not very hard to entice into biting. The guide carries a good supply of what he likes too.
  • Split shot- we carry size bb to 3-0
  • Line- 4-20lb. test. These fish aren't line shy so we like to use the heaviest we can. Our favorite is Maxima Ultragreen. You don't need tapered leaders either, we can tie up your leaders on the river with our spools of line making them the length we want. 
  • Fishing License- you can get the appropriate one at most sporting good stores in Anchorage or it is easiest to get it online from the Alaska Department of  Fish and Game website:
  • Some kind of release tool (Needlenose, hemostats, quick release tool)