Our Alaskan Rivers


The American Creek is a swift river that is technical to wade and raft. It's full of nice healthy Rainbows and definitly one of the best mousing locations on the planet. It is also some of the most prestine/beatiful wilderness you can find on a float trip with only one put-in at the headwaters and can't take out untill reaching the lower section. This one can be intimidating but we've been on it before  with someone with a torn Achilies Tendon and he didn't even fall in! Its one of my favorites.


The Aniak River is a new one for us in 2018. We're super excited about working out the logistics and exploring this remote Southwest Alaska River. We've done lots of research on it and it hosts all 5 species of Salmon, Rainbows, Dollys, Grayling, Pike and Sheefish. Also known for it's great mousing.


This River is famed for being right in the heart of the proposed Pebble Mine and would be directly affected by the mine. Float it while you can, because it might not be the same for much longer.

The Koktuli is a very wilderness float that is a short flight from Iliamna that makes for a lower budget trip. It is primarily a Dolly Varden fishery with scattered Rainbows and Grayling and all 5 species of Salmon. 

King Salmon

A River situated further south than many popular Bristol Bay Rivers, this River is one that is not for everyone. It has some of the most incredible fishing, but the King Salmon itself doesn't clear up enough to fish in, so we have to do some hiking up the tributary streams to find the fish. If you are interested in smaller, more intimate streams, with wadable water, this is a good one. Its a harsh climate too, with no trees around, theres potential for some high winds. This also keeps lots of people out of there. 


The Alagnak is a beautiful river with some great fishing and lots of wildlife. With several lodges along this river, it is not one of our favorites for a wilderness float with the jetboat traffic. However, it can be some great fishing for Rainbows as well a good one to catch fresh Salmon. 


These are some of the most prolific Rainbow Trout Rivers in Alaska. You can potentially catch a 30 inch Rainbow on one of these rivers and lots of trout in the mid 20 inch range. This is a river that gets a bit of pressure from daily lodge guests (don't expect to be the only ones there). It hosts abundant bear populations and some of the Worlds largest Coastal Brown Bears.

Combo Trips

Can't pick one river? We can do multiple Rivers if you're interested in seeing more than one fishery. This adds the cost of another flight to the trip, but if you want to experience a couple shorter floats in the same time period we have done that before and its a fun way to stretch your adventure.  

Your Choice

Have you heard of a River that we haven't listed here, but still want our gear and a guide? We would love to explore the state with you. We often try new Rivers too and love the adventure of the unknown.

Drop Camp

If your not interested in floating and would like to just set up a base camp and do some hiking along the river, we can do this too. This makes for a day of more fishing and less work setting up camp at night and taking down camp in the morning. However, we usually plan a day on our float trips where we don't have to move camp a day at a prime fishing spot.