What We Provide For Our Wilderness Adventures

Tents/Cots/Sleeping Pads

Our Tents are new and comfortable. We updated in the summer of 2017 to an REI Kingdome 4 with the pictured "garage" for added dry storage and comfort. This sleeps 2 with our roll-a-cots comfortably. We also provide sleeping pads. 


Our raft is a 14' NRS Otter. These self bailing rafts are the ideal size for 2 fisherman and a guide with all of our gear. We always bring a spare oar, life jackets, and all the tools for unexpected maintenance along the river. As you can see in the pictures, you sit comfortable high up on a padded aluminum box. This seems to be much better than trying to get comfortable on the raft twarts. 


We provide a full kitchen set with a 2 burner coleman propane stove. We use enamel coted plates, bowls, cups and real utensils. We also provide some insulated mugs to keep your drink hot on the cooler mornings. Our water comes straight from the rivers we are floating so we provide a pump filter to get our drinking water.

First Aide Kit

We pack first aide items for things like cuts, aches, pains, and emergency situations,  but you should definitely bring your own medications if you're prone to sore muscles or something that you might need a daily pill for. 


We provide all 3 meals throughout the day including snacks.

 *Be sure to let us know of any food allergies or dislikes.

Delorme Inreach

This is a personal locator beacon that allows us to sent and emergency SOS, track our location, send and recieve email, and text anywhere in the world.

Bathroom Supplies

We provide all the toilet paper, baby wipes, and hand sanitizer for bathroom use. We also take extreme measures to take care of all of our tissue paper and human waste by digging a hole with a small shovel we provide and burning the T.P. when done.

It is not enjoyable to stumble upon someone else waste so we take care of ours.